My work has grown out of an ever evolving awareness of who we are. Sometimes, when there is injury or stress, we need gentle support and guidance in remembering how to land peacefully with awareness back in the body. From this calm landing place, we feel and explore restrictions and holding patterns within the tissues and nervous system. If the client is interested, we can explore and increase awareness about perceptions that arise and may be connected to those patterns. With this support, the client can awaken to new possibilities, finding ease and balance.

In a session, the client may stay fully clothed, or undress to their comfort level. 

I use organic massage creams and coconut oil.

Techniques used:

Neurovascular Integration (NVI) - developed Dr. Cathy Holway, PT, DPT, as a neuroscience-based, light-touch therapy that engages the nervous system conversation between body and brain and helps restore appropriate sensory and motor function. For more information about NVI see below.* Also, please visit Dr. Holway's Neurovascular Institute! 

Ortho-Bionomy techniques- a gentle touch that works with the joints of the body 

NMT-Neuro-Mucsular Therapy- developed by Paul St John, is a deeper massage that addresses trigger points within the muscles. 

Sports- addressing athlete's specific needs related to their sport

Yoga- movements, asana's, breathing techniques presented as needed

Transparency Coaching (in training)- developed by Anna Pittman as an awakening protocol. This explores our perceptions in thoughts, beliefs, judgements, and sensations and lights the way to our true self. For more info, please visit The Breathing Space.


*NVI: As current neuroscience has revealed, touch, temperature, pressure and position are all signaled from the body to brain and spinal cord circuits, which then interpret the incoming signals and generate a protective, survival output. These output signals may create pain (to make you withdraw from danger) or restorative responses, such as spontaneous movement, warmth, circulation, or relaxation.  

As they learn to land in the safety of their own breath and ease of movement, NVI therapy provides profound benefits for patients, enabling them to navigate a tumultuous world with more ease. They learn the power of their breath and attention in calming body, brain and mind. This results in a greater internal neurophysiological resiliency, as evidenced in better regulation of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and diminished cortisol overload.

NVI is a valuable tool when addressing chronic pain situations. Pain is an output signal of the brain, believing that the body is in danger and prompting withdrawal from that danger. Chronic pain reflects wiring confusion in the brain’s interpretation and processing circuits, which leads to inappropriate output signaling of pain that is not really occurring in the body. NVI provides alternative input to the nervous system to help clear those aberrant circuits and resort balanced assessment of incoming sensory information. “Pain” therefore is no longer the neural response to every physical, psychological or emotional stimulation we encounter.

NVI is also helpful for patients with post-traumatic stress disorders, post-concussive brain injuries, and autoimmune disease.