"I am so grateful for Ann! She's amazing!  Our sessions assist me with navigating clenches in my physical and mental patterning that are woven into my nervous system. I appreciate her creativity, gentle nature, safety, intuition, and educated insight to help me connect with new access points and approaches internally, which allow me to realign with a clear communication in my nervous system.  From the valuable insight and experience during our sessions, I can move from a frazzled state of doing physically and being in my head to a clear access point within my nervous system of feeling grounded, deeply embodied, and expansive, especially amidst external stimulus.  I notice the value and transformation in my personal and professional paths towards greater ease and strength in working with Ann, as well as, a deepening and supportive compliment to the various holistic therapies I use daily to journey through chronic Lyme and pain.  Most of all, I learned how it truly feels within my physical body, my nervous system to come home to me.  Not to long anymore for a feeling of peace amidst stress, pain, adversity, but to know, feel, and to easily access the grounded, safe place of stillness, and love within me." E.D.S.

"Receiving a session from Ann puts me directly in touch with the subtlety
of my inner body.  I can literally feel my body's innate intelligence
expanding to heal and balance. Her presence, touch, and skill provide me
with immediate and wonderfully lasting results. I believe that this
subtle, yet profound work creates a portal for immersing myself in the
beauty of alive, intelligent life force. I also believe that this work can
provide everyone with the same results!" Anna Pittman

"Ann's work is quietly wondrous. This is not just me as her obviously-biased husband speaking--this is me the skeptic with a predominantly scientific worldview. During the work, I find it almost imperceptible. But afterward, I sense in my doings that I'm better integrated, calmer, more thoughtful and far more productive than I was before the work. I feel changed for the better every time. The bottomline? I count myself as lucky whenever Ann is able to sneak me in to her schedule.  - Charles Dye